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Lola is a storyteller, edutainer, sex educator, and the creator and host of the live sex Q&A / variety show and podcast Sex Ed A Go-Go. During the last six years, she has shared her distinctive brand of kickass body and sex-positivity and her personal journey into the kink and polyamorous lifestyles on and off stage.



Molly Wray retired from teaching high school health education in 2015. As a health educator she had a deep commitment to teaching students about various aspects of mental and social health, two areas she feels are often neglected in health education curricula

Mrs. Wray regularly invited the local abuse and rape crisis shelter representatives into her classroom to teach students about the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships, their personal rights, the law, and resources available to them.

Following her retirement, she took a job with the prevention division of the Abuse and Rape Crisis Shelter of Warren Couny, the Warren County Violence Free Coalition, and served for two years as a grant-funded social media coordinator.

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Jimanekia Eborn is a sex educator with a decade of experience in mental health work. Her focus within sexual education is teaching adolescents sexual education via More than Sex- ED and through private classes, consultations media appearances and more. She’s also the Director of Education for a nonprofit called More Than “NO”. She is based in Los Angeles California. SEWJim is expanding to also offer consulting for television, books, and film on the context & representation of sexual trauma, as well as sexual education. After years of watching cringe-worthy representations of survivors & sexuality in television, she wants to push forth a true narrative through this avenue and support the creative process.

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Beth Cone Kramer is a Los Angeles-based writer and columnist. She covers a range of topics, including politics, health, and women in transition. Her mission is to empower women to value themselves, regardless of relationship status or age.

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Yoni Alkan is a sexual educator with a Doctorate in Human Sexuality and a Masters in Conflict Resolution and Mediation, he is also a professional cuddler with and a Certified Cuddle Party Facilitator in San Francisco. Dr. Yoni Alkan is the creator of, he has been writing about sex, sexuality and relationships since 2011, and he is a global speaker on various Human Sexuality issues. His expertise are in alternative relationships and in improving our dating landscape through consent.

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Cathy Vartuli is a PhD Engineer, a best-selling author, and a sex-positive Emotional Freedom Coach who has taught internationally on relationships, communication skills, and body image. She helps the shy and awkward leverage their individual unique strengths to flirt, date, enjoy sex, and have powerful relationships. Cathy also uses her research scientist powers for good, helping her fellow educators and coaches develop better business and marketing skills so we can empower more people to live healthier, more fulfilling and loving lives. Find Cathy and her work at



Dr. Alicia M. Ellis is a Licensed Professional Counselor-Mental Health Service Provider (LPC-MHSP) in Nashville, TN.  She holds a Doctorate of Education in Counselor Education & Supervision from Argosy University, Nashville, Masters of Science in Psychology and in Professional Counseling from Lipscomb University and is currently pursuing AASECT certification in Sex Therapy.  Dr. Alicia has more than 14 years of experience in social services and mental health and currently serves as a clinical director in a local non-profit agency.  In February of this year, Dr. Alicia opened Alicia Ellis Counseling & Consulting.  Her practice focuses on providing Healing & Hope in the areas of sex therapy, trauma processing, marital, pre-marital, and couples counseling.  In addition, Dr. Alicia serves as a gatekeeper to the profession by providing supervision to up and coming counseling students. She is the mother of four AMAZING children and three PRECIOUS grandchildren.


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Shadeen Francis, MFT is a marriage and family therapist, professor, and author specializing in sex therapy and social justice. Shadeen trains and collaborates with non-profit organizations, medical schools, homeless shelters, and university counseling centres to help them create safe, justice-oriented policies and practices. She has been featured on platforms like 6-ABC and Huffington Post to share her expertise, and she speaks internationally on topics such as self-esteem, sexual intimacy, and pleasure. Shadeen’s belief is that the world is built on the strengths of communities. This worldview has propelled her to focus on underserved populations: ethnic and cultural minorities, the kinky/poly/queer communities, and victims of economic hardship. Her work allows people of all backgrounds to improve their relationships and live in peace and pleasure.

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Cassie Brighter is your typical suburban mom. Well, your typical transgender, pansexual, polyamorous, sexpositive suburban mom. She is the webmistress for and the leader of Sex Geekdom Los Angeles, runs an annual digital conference for trans women called Empowered Trans Woman Summit, and gives classes on gender diversity and sexual consent around L.A. and Ventura County. She’s just launched a YouTube channel, and she’s ALWAYS on Facebook. Cassie is a top writer on, on Feminism, Diversity and LGBTQ issues. Her website is

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Dr. Donna Oriowo (Oreo-Whoa!) is an international speaker, clinical social worker, sex and relationship educator and therapist located in the Washington D.C. metro area. Dr. Donna is the owner and lead therapist of AnnodRight, whose mission it is to help others reclaim their sexuality, identity, and self love by being their most wise, free, and authentic selves in addressing intersectionality, culture, and race in educational and therapeutic settings with a focus on developing healthy Black female sexuality. She can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @Annodright. OR you can visit her (day or night) at

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Mona Darling has been a professional dominatrix and kink educator for over 20 years. She loves teaching women how to talk about, feel comfortable with, and embrace their kinks. She also loves to help couples bring play into their lives. Her book “Kinky Sex Tips For Curious Girls” provides a fun, shame-free introduction to kink and BDSM, modeled after the activity books you loved as a kid. It mixes solid advice about kink and BDSM with puzzles, games, and coloring pages. She also hosts #KinkWithMona every Monday evening on O.School as well as a lady’s only facebook group for women to talk about their desires. She lives in Portland Oregon with her husband and their daughter. You can learn more about her at



Jennifer came of age listening to Dr. Ruth on the radio, and has been trying to gain the courage to become like her idol ever since. She studies sexuality and relationships, has a wealth of hands-on experience, and her background as a professional writer helps her teach others how to communicate their wants and needs.

Sean spent the last two decades in public service, helping people when there were at their worst.  He’s rescued people from burning buildings, car wrecks, and other calamities, and has found he’d rather help folks in an area of their lives that shouldn’t be so tragic.  He is a talented educator with two decades of experience, and is a Graduate student in Clinical Psychology.

For several years we’ve mostly been working one-on-one with couples, and we relied on word-of-mouth advertising.  In order to better serve a wider audience, we have expanded our services to include group classes and seminars.  It’s incredibly rewarding to know that we’ve helped others find intimacy and strengthen their relationships.


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At the age of 40, Dan Powers was introduced to the Western version of the tantric arts through Charles Muir and the Source School of Tantra Yoga. That introduction began his quest for knowledge about all things related to a more intimate expression of sex and sexuality. Being an engineer, Dan sought to learn other grounded approaches to sexuality and gain an understanding of the inner working from the perspective of how bodies function. After years of study, the result of his quest is a comprehensive knowledge about sex, sexuality and relating from a wide variety of disciplines and traditions including Quodoushka, Sky Dancing Tantra, Human Awareness Institute (HAI), Lafayette Morehouse, Body Electric, One Taste, and many more. He shares his knowledge with his clients and the wider community through his company Beyond the Bedroom asking them to explore what is possible so they can decide what works best for them and their relationships.

At Back to the Body, Dan brings all his teaching to the table through coaching and bodywork. Working within the guidelines of Sexological Bodywork, Dan is driven by the deep knowledge that each woman needs to be treated uniquely to create the most appropriate experience for her journey. Dan is a man who possesses advanced experiences of tantric transformation and is therefore able to increase the blissful wisdom of a highly qualified practitioner.



Lydia M. Bowers is a sex educator and family and sexuality coach who helps individuals understand sexual development from birth to adulthood & empowers them to reclaim pleasure. Lydia spent over 15 years as an Early Childhood Educator, before expanding into the sexuality field. Lydia is an O.School Pleasure Professional, an ambassador for the American Sexual Health Association and the Show Your Love Preconception Health Initiative, and serves on an advisory council to the governing board of the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Lydia’s personal experience with painful pelvic and sexual conditions has fueled her passion to advocate for better knowledge and care, as well as reframe how we talk about sex and pleasure. Lydia loves helping families and educators understand and appropriately support sexual development in children, and has presented on these topics at conferences around the country.


Theresa Braddy is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She received a Bachelor degree from the University of Cincinnati and Bowling Green State University awarded her a Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling.

Currently works in Utilization Management for Humana’s Military Tricare Inc. As well as the founder and lead therapist for Boutique Talk Counseling PLLC.

In the past Ms. Braddy’s has worked in the area of diversity while employed at The University of North Texas in the Division of Institutional Equity and Diversity, as their Senior Diversity Specialist. In this position, she facilitates sensitivity trainings and programs related to multicultural issues.  Ms. Braddy focuses on six domains including race/ethnicity, gender, sex orientation, disability, veterans, and generational management. Prior to Ms. Braddy moving to Texas she has worked in the private, non-profits, and government sectors.  Ms. Braddy has 20 years in counseling.

Ms. Braddy’s passion has been with women’s issues. Address such issues as depression, post-traumatic stress, balancing life, sexuality, and adolescent adjustment.  She also founded a company in Toledo Ohio called Sistergirlfriend LLC, that addressed women’s issues in a group setting.

Ms Braddy is the author of A GIRL HAS NEEDS BUT A WOMAN KNOWS WHAT SHE WANTS. The book is a single woman’s guide to healing and understanding the complexity of intimacy.

Ms. Braddy has appeared as a relationship/sex expert on podcasts and local talk shows to offer hard-hitting relationship tips to women across the globe. She shares, “I am here to help single women become more intentional in their relationships. So many women find themselves in counseling after a bad breakup, asking themselves “How did I get here?”

From a clinical perspective Ms. Braddy operates from a cognitive therapy and behavior management model when addressing depression, sexuality, and trauma issues.

Ms. Braddy is motivated, passionate and committed to the healing process.


Sadia Arshad is a Pakistani Indo-Guyanese Muslim woman with experience as a peer sex educator and reproductive justice advocate.

She never planned on being either of those things, but growing up, she saw reproductive and sexual health issues that made her really think about my identity and the ways these topics were silenced and shamed. As she grew older, she saw the silence and shame manifest, and she wanted to change that.

She didn’t really know what to do, so she started reading about sex on my own and what it means to have sex as a Muslim woman, a brown woman, and a brown Muslim woman. This led her to volunteer and intern with some cool organizations, like Planned Parenthood, Fenway Health, SaheliBoston, Advocates for Youth’s Young Women of Color Leadership Council, the National Minority AIDS Council, and the Repeal Hyde Art Project. Sadia is currently a health education consultant with HEART Women and Girls and hopes to be involved in women’s health nursing.


August McLaughlin is a nationally recognized health and sexuality writer, media personality and creator of the female sexual empowerment brand Girl Boner®. Her feature articles have appeared in, DAME magazine, the Huffington Post, Sexual Wellness News,, The Good Men Project and more. On her weekly web radio show and podcast, Girl Boner® Radio, which consistently ranks high on iTunes’ What’s Hot list, she interviews relationship experts, celebrity entertainers, “everyday” women and more, exploring women’s lives and sexuality “like no one else.”

She was named Nutrition Writer of 2010 by, Editor’s Pick of 2010 by Demand Media Studios and one of BlogHer’s Voices of the Year in 2013. In 2015 and 2016, she was ranked in the top 10 of Kinkly‘s 100 Sex Blog Superheros list. Her first novel, In Her Shadow, a National Indie Excellence Award finalist and an Amazon bestseller in women’s fiction, is loosely based on her experience with anorexia while working as an international model.

In 2016, she was chosen to attend to United State of Women summit, convened by the White House, in Washington DC, as a nominated change maker, for her work in gender equality and women’s sexuality. As a speaker at Beverly Hill’s first TEDx Women event, in October 2016, she shared her story of surviving an eating disorder. (See her talk on the importance of self-embracement here.)

Since recovering from anorexia and years of body dysmorphia, August has taught and mentored individuals with eating disorders and other psychological disorders on wellness and body image on an individual and group basis (LA Health Works, LuvUrSelf Fitness, Bridges to Recovery). She is the executive producer of Weight Limit—a body image-related PSA, and speaks professionally for a variety of audiences, including high school and college students, artistic communities and national and regional conference attendees, on body image, eating disorders and women’s sexuality. As a teen, she was the co-recipient of the Minnesota Peace Prize for her work to raise awareness about child abuse.

Known for melding personal passion with activism, August uses her skills as a public speaker and journalist to encourage women to embrace their bodies and sexuality, making way for fuller, more authentic lives.


Leigh Montavon is a Sex Coach and Clinical Sexologist, as well as a writer, presenter, and educator. She specializes in working with, and is strongly connected to, the LGBTQIA+, kink, and non-monogamous communities. Leigh offers sex and relationship coaching to individuals in the Los Angeles area and via Skype from anywhere in the world. She writes a twice monthly column, “Ask Sex Coach Leigh,” for the Take Back Your Sex blog. She also hosts and facilitates a monthly women’s/genderqueer/non-binary polyamory discussion group. Leigh believes that a healthy sexuality is key to a happy life, and she deeply values body positivity, sex positivity, comprehensive sex education, intersectional feminism, and social justice.

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Nicole Holmes – she/her (B.S. – Health Education) is a sexual health educator with a focus on HIV/STI prevention among youth and Black women in addition to LGBTQ sexual health education. She contributes commentary to sexual health news using the Facebook page Nicky Hearts Public Health in addition to the hashtag #SafeSexSaturday. Nicole has taught sexual health education to students in juvenile detention centers in addition to sexual health education in rehab facilities as well. Nicole believes in utilizing a health model of de-stigmatizing sexuality and making sexual health accessible for all.

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It was 2007 when Christi Anne began the first of many Yoga Teacher Trainings that lead her to work with Autistic people and begin Practical Happiness Living. Since moving to Nashville, Christi Anne has been on the leadership committee for Sex Positive World. As an Intimacy Architect, she educates people on consent, boundaries and how having a healthy sex life makes for a healthier life. In May of 2017, Christi Anne spoke at the Mega Conference for Disabilities on “Self Care, Consent and Boundaries.

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Webcam model and Fetish Performer


Creator of the #WomensOrgasmMatter campaign, Victoria is a sex blogger and creator of sex-positive spaces writing about female sexuality, relationships, and spirituality.

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Goddess Cecilia is a Sexuality & Pleasure Educator who believes that pleasure can be a healthy and healing part of self-care. Whether it’s through pampering and pleasure products, a personal or couples consultation, or a Vulva/Body Crafts activity, she helps you relearn and reclaim your pleasure. You can find the Mermaid Goddess at an Athena’s Home Novelties or Heavenly Goddess Spa Party, with Voula the Vulva at a variety of events, on YouTube during #MermaidMonday, livestreaming shame-free sex education on the O.School, and providing private consultations to those curious about exploring their pleasure.


Jean Franzblau is a sex-positive and consent-positive speaker who walks her talk. When she discovered the importance of her own sexual empowerment, she wrote a play about it and performed it in ten cities. When she realized how important hugs and affection were to her emotional and physical health, she founded Cuddle Sanctuary – which has already offered 300 events and served over 500 clients in Los Angeles. Jean has presented at sexuality conferences on both coasts and for audiences around the country and abroad. She created the presentation “Sex After #MeToo” to share the message of consent to college campuses. Jean has been featured on BuzzFeed, Good Mythical Morning and Rolling Stone.

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Hunter Riley is the manager of operations and outreach at Self Serve Toys, a sex educator, speaker and social media maven.

After earning degrees from the University of New Mexico in psychology, Spanish and journalism, she gained 5+ years of experience managing a feminist sex shop and talking to customers every day about their sex questions, challenges and successes. She understands that talking about sex can feel scary or intimidating. She helps adults find their voice and comfort level around conversations about sex and sexuality. She helps create an environment where people feel comfortable talking about sex if that feels right for them, and not feel ashamed if they prefer to be more private. She has taught workshops on pleasure, sex toys, communication, safer sex, consent, oral sex, kink, non-monogamy, birth control and more! Her background includes trainings and workshops about sexuality, relationships, masculinity, consent, sexual trauma, domestic violence, communication skills, body positivity and more!

Hunter has taught classes and workshops in English and Spanish at Universities, healthcare offices, sex week events, domestic violence prevention organizations and more. She has authored several sex columns for newspapers and online media outlets in New Mexico including the Daily Lobo, the Santa Fe Reporter and Albuquerque Free Press. She has partnered with organizations like Planned Parenthood, the University of New Mexico, UNM Hospital, Enlace Comunitario, Santa Fe Care Center and more. Her style is comfortable, approachable, friendly and fun, which leaves people feeling relaxed and empowered to explore their own sexual identity without feel ashamed of where they’re at. Her experience managing a retail sex shop, coordinating classes and events, creating groups for young adults interested in kink and non-monogamy and having an upfront and strong social media presence had given Hunter the credibility to have a presence in the sex education industry. Anyone interested in hiring Hunter or learning more about the services she provides can contact Hunter via email at for more information.

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As a non-monogamy consultant, consent activist, and public speaker, Wry has hosted panel discussions in Los Angeles, NYC, and San Francisco. In addition to appearances on numerous podcasts, shows, and community events, Wry has given talks at Berkeley, Harvey Mudd, Chapman University, and UCLA. Wry’s experience with non-traditional relationship lifestyles, event coordination, fetish performance, and workshop facilitation has led to the formation of These are panel discussions featuring relationship experts, including well known authors, educators, and therapists. Wry’s PolyTalks are a guided open forum in a Q&A format to discuss polyamory, open relationships, and non-monogamy for the experienced, the novices, and the curious.

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Irina is a Photographer, Educator, Designer  – preferably simultaneously!

Irina loves art, learning, and that the combination of both creates an endorphin rush. She studies neuroscience for fun – how emotion and exploration affects both retention and application of information.

Her current creative focus is photography, short films and commercials, all with a healthy dash of surrealism and adventure. As an educator and facilitator, Irina has taught workshops and classes in film making, art, consent and communication. Irina endorses connection, agreements and healthy boundaries to create the safety for fun, experimentation and discovery.


Sonja is a passionate advocate for destigmatizing kink and co-founder of boldpleasures. provides a safe, inclusive space for everyone to explore kink, bdsm and alternative relationships. Bringing kink education online, newcomers can explore their passions safely, without fear and most importantly without judgment. Sonja earned her stripes in various marketing leadership roles in B2B Tech and is a frequent speaker at industry events. For boldpleasures, she writes as a wife, mother and kinkster about how to combine kink with a ‘normal’ family life. Sonja’s mission is to give people courage to revel in their true sensuality and #ditchshame

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Mistress Justine Cross is a professional BDSM consultant and lifestyle Dominatrix based in Los Angeles with over 10 years’ experience. She is the owner of both Dungeon East and Dungeon West, Los Angeles’s premiere dungeon studios, which have been used for high-profile photo and video shoots including Janelle Monae’s 2018 “Make Me Feel” video, the 2014 film Bound, various podcasts including “Savage Love,” and for a number of campaigns and projects for major brands.

With the mainstream growing more aware of BDSM, Mistress Justine’s opportunities to educate and correct the kink curious have expanded, and she’s been invited to be a guest speaker or teach classes on BDSM, safer sex practices, consent, and more at spaces and events like UCLA and the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s Women’s Health 360 Conference. She has donated her time and talents in the service of organizations like the LA Sex Workers Outreach Program, and participates yearly in events benefiting LA Pride and The Keep a Breast Foundation, for which she has raised over $5,000 to date.

Extensively interviewed and profiled, Mistress Justine has appeared in Los Angeles Magazine and Playboy, and been featured in Nylon, LA Weekly, Time Out Los Angeles and on Buzzfeed and


Hezzy Tayte is a burlesque dancer in Portland, OR, a Media Arts Major, and the Media Manager for her university’s Campus Wellness department, promoting social health and working to prevent interpersonal violence on campus.


tenerDuende is a queer kink pornographer living in Greater Los Angeles. tener was featured on two award winning movies by Severe Sex Films. Currently tener is working on creating bespoke BDSM content.


Tikva Wolf is a published author and comic artist with a large worldwide following. Having always taken delight in making people laugh, and in doing so also unveiling hidden perspectives, Wolf uses humor as a way of encouraging others to deeply see themselves and each other. Wolf is most well-known for the webcomic Kimchi Cuddles, which draws from real life stories and experiences to spread awareness about poly, queer, and genderqueer issues. Kimchi Cuddles’ authentic vulnerability is deeply relatable to anyone regardless of relationship or sexual orientation. For more, visit


Seth Wade is a dad, an artist, and an educator teaching at both the secondary an post-secondary level in Ohio. He received a BFA from the University of Dayton and an MFA from DAAP at the University of Cincinnati.